Family Historian

One of our favourite archivists is Papa Max. Max has discovered ArDrive, used it for archiving, and has helped us (and is helping us) make a better product for everyone.


Gridacity used ArDrive and data permanence to help create Pulsar79, the first fully on-chain video game in the world

Hood Rats

Hood Rats

Hood Rats use ArDrive and gateways to permanently host and serve all of their NFTs. This underlying infrastructure guarantees the longevity of their NFT creations.

Myna Accountants

The UK’s leading cryptocurrency accountant practices what it preaches The world of accounting is often characterized as boring, but Joe David and his accounting firm Myna have proven they are anything but.  Yes, Myna has all of the processes and efficiencies you would expect with any accounting firm, but where they stand out is with their …

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Vibrant Content

Vibrant Content creates captivating websites for nonprofits, using ArDrive to help keep their research and stories alive for generations to come.

BT’s Orbs

Grammy nominated artist BT chooses ArDrive Protocol and developer tools to develop revolutionary new NFT concepts.

The Ultimate Photobook

Meticulous photo organizer receives the gift of a lifetime of family pictures saved forever on ArDrive Photos from the Philippines in Susan’s collection Susan immigrated to Canada from the Philippines many decades ago. She moved with her husband, three kids, and a total of five boxes of possessions including her photos. Within the Filipino culture, …

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Prominent digital artist uses ArDrive to store her NFTs on the Arweave network before selling them on OpenSea


Making digital art sellable at scale Jim Dee has seen all aspects of the NFT industry from programming to creating to selling. But his real passion is helping others with their NFT projects – which inspired him to create GenerativeNFTs. GenerativeNFTs is an agency that is all about helping bring art and vision to life …

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A first wave Instragrammer finally has a place to feel secure about storing his photos with ArDrive Anthony was there before hashtags and @replies. An original beta-tester of Instagram, Anthony went on to become one of the founders of Instagram NYC. In the early days, he would walk around New York with friends and take …

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