Arweave vs Ordinals

In the ever-expanding digital universe, two intriguing technologies have emerged for the preservation of digital assets: Arweave’s permanent storage and Bitcoin Ordinals.

Can You Buy Permanent Data?

Is there a way to save your most important documents and cherished family photos for a lifetime and beyond? Yes, you can buy permanent data! With ArDrive you can easily have – pay once, store forever – permanent data storage.

What is the permaweb?

The permaweb looks just like the normal web, but all of its content – from images to full web apps – is permanent, retrieved quickly, and decentralized – forever.

Dapp history of ArDrive

A look back at version 1.41.3 Most apps only let you use the most current version of their software.  Or at best you can access to the few most recent releases. At ArDrive, we’re keeping full-functional historic copies of our decentralized app (dapp) available for you to use. This is just one of the advantages …

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What is Arweave?

Most invention and innovation happens in small incremental steps. Someone notices a flaw in an existing product and makes a tweak to fix and improve it. People are forever trying to build a better mouse trap. However, once in a while, there is an innovation that takes a giant step forward and completely changes the …

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Arweave vs Filecoin

Arweave vs. Filecoin

With so many new technologies and applications coming out every day, it is hard to know what they are and how to differentiate between them. It’s often easiest to lump the unfamiliar into something that seems similar enough. That is what often happens with Arweave and Filecoin (or new projects like Sia and Storj). People …

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Arweave and NFT Metadata

Although Arweave provides its own form of Metadata to aid applications with more enhanced functionality, Arweave can also be utilized to store specific NFT Metadata on the permaweb in order to provide data permanence to NFTs.

Myna Accountants

The UK’s leading cryptocurrency accountant practices what it preaches The world of accounting is often characterized as boring, but Joe David and his accounting firm Myna have proven they are anything but.  Yes, Myna has all of the processes and efficiencies you would expect with any accounting firm, but where they stand out is with their …

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Who needs permanent data?

The uses for data permanence are going to explode as it becomes more widely known.  In these early days there are already multiple types of uses for permanent data.  Let’s take a closer look at how individual, organizations, and developers are benefited by permanent data. Individuals have used permanent data for: Family history – music, …

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Vibrant Content

Vibrant Content creates captivating websites for nonprofits, using ArDrive to help keep their research and stories alive for generations to come.

The Ultimate Photobook

Meticulous photo organizer receives the gift of a lifetime of family pictures saved forever on ArDrive Photos from the Philippines in Susan’s collection Susan immigrated to Canada from the Philippines many decades ago. She moved with her husband, three kids, and a total of five boxes of possessions including her photos. Within the Filipino culture, …

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Can you store NFTs on Arweave?

Arweave remains the only permanent storage method to maintain NFT reliability and sustainability. Every NFT’s image and metadata is stored for at least 200 years when uploaded to the protocol.


A first wave Instragrammer finally has a place to feel secure about storing his photos with ArDrive Anthony was there before hashtags and @replies. An original beta-tester of Instagram, Anthony went on to become one of the founders of Instagram NYC. In the early days, he would walk around New York with friends and take …

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What is ArDrive? As the world has entered the information age a new problem has arisen for basically everyone on the planet: How do I keep my data stored for long periods of time? Our data has become one of our most precious commodities holding all of our photos, records, and personal history. Solutions on how to …

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